Thompson and Oswald Poels Testifying

Credit Union Legislation AB 478/SB 451 (Opposed)

AB 478 载有扩大信用合作社的授权活动和权力的条款. If enacted, this legislation would provide credit unions with even more tools to grow, much to the detriment of Wisconsin’s banks.

We have four primary objections to the bill because it allows:

  • Non-member participation in loans or extension of credit
  • Allows credit unions to issue or offer supplemental forms of capital
  • 允许自动采用联邦特许信用合作社的活动,或在政府监管薄弱的情况下允许州特许信用合作社的权力
  • Broadens credit unions’ ability purchase, hold, or dispose of property.

Banking Regulatory Modernization (AB 596, SB___) (In favor)

Modern banking requires modernized regulation. WBA正在努力消除这些过去几十年的监管遗迹,并将其纳入2021年的标准.

  • Elimination of ATM/ITM notice requirement.
    • 根据现行法律,银行在移动自动取款机时必须提前提供书面通知. 这一要求可以追溯到20世纪70年代末,在实践中已不再适用或强制执行
  • 填补了向受益人支付死亡付款(POD)账户的昂贵漏洞
    • 在向按需付款受益人支付净金额之前,银行需要有能力收取未偿无担保债务义务.
  • 通过将某些州的法规与联邦一级的法规相结合,实现监管协同效应
    • 采用《十大私彩网站排名》中的第902条,以减少鉴定某些电子数据相关的时间和法庭费用.
  • 免除地方颁布的一些新规定.
    • Allow banks to opt out of ordinances requiring installation of “Knox Boxes”, which create a single point of security failure.
  • 由公共土地监理会减少政府在市政贷款市场的竞争.
    • 目前,银行向市政府发放的贷款期限最多为10年. 允许贷款期限为20年,以配合BCPL的贷款能力.

Interchange/Credit Card Swipe Fees AB 587/SB 572 (Opposed)


  • Efforts are being spearheaded by Kwik Trip, and other retailers. WBA and WCUL oppose this effort.
  • Implementation of this proposal is currently impossible; electronic payment processors only recognize the full total of the transaction and cannot differentiate between the gross receipt and tax.
  • Globally, 交换费是做生意的一项成本——维护交换网络的成本很高, keep customers’ data secure, and repel threats.
  • 价格控制和干预不是政府在这个领域的角色,这样做会伤害小企业.

Elder Financial Exploitation Prevention AB 45AB 46SB 19SB 20 (In favor)

2017年,全国司法部长协会呼吁其成员关注虐待老人问题. 威斯康星州前司法部长布拉德·希梅尔(Brad Schimel)为此成立了一个由州司法部代表组成的工作组, the state Departments of Health Services and Financial Institutions, and the Wisconsin Bankers Association, among other organizations. This work continues under current Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul. WBA成员帮助起草了于2019年首次引入的立法,为银行提供了更好地保护其客户免受欺诈和滥用的工具. 相同的纸币,SB 19/AB 46和SB 20/AB 45在本次会议中重新推出.

  • Instances of elder fraud are under-reported, 但据估计,老年人财务欺诈和盗窃的成本在2美元左右.9 billion to $36.5 billion annually.
  • This problem continues to grow, especially in light of the pandemic. Individuals have never been more isolated, and fraudsters see PPP and economic impact payments not as relief, but as opportunities.
  • 这项立法将允许银行暂停他们认为可能受到老年人虐待的交易,并与客户合作, an individual on a trusted relationship list, and/or law enforcement to see if this transaction should be completed.
  • Only the transaction itself would be frozen, not the entire account. Funds will still be available to the customer for their other transactions.


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Rural Housing and Farmers

《正规彩票十大网站排名》(ECORA)通过更优惠的利率和贷款条件为十大私彩网站排名的农民提供了一个受益的机会, 并通过确保农业从银行获得更多低成本信贷来促进当地经济活动.